Mazda Cx 5 Daytime Running Lights Not Working

Mazda’s 2016 CX-5 has been known to have an issue with its LED daytime running lights (DRL). Upon inspection, Mazda found that the problem was caused by a faulty sealing gasket attached to the light’s wiring connectors. The sulfur released from these gaskets corrodes the circuit, resulting in flickering of the lights at first, then eventually cutting off power entirely. In response, Mazda admitted this fault and has worked to rectify it as quickly as possible.

A Ridiculously Expensive Repair

A Ridiculously Expensive Repair
A Ridiculously Expensive Repair

The 2016 CX-5 is equipped with a unique headlight assembly design that includes Daytime Running Lights (DRL). Unfortunately, if the DRL should fail, it cannot simply be replaced. Owners would have to replace the entire headlight assembly which can cost over $1,500 per side. For most owners, this falls outside of the standard 36,000-mile warranty and they may not even be aware that there is an issue because there are no warning lights or indicators of corrosion.

This highlights one of many possible issues a car owner might face when looking for ways to save money on maintenance costs. Not all problems can be easily identified or resolved without having to incur extra expenses. Being informed about what features a vehicle has and knowing how those components interact with each other will help owners make better decisions when it comes time for repairs or replacements.

A DRL class-action lawsuit sought reimbursement

In late 2019, Mazda was sued by some customers over its Daytime Running Light system. The plaintiffs argued that the automaker was aware of this issue but failed to address it until after the warranty period had expired. Although Mazda has yet to comment on the matter, they will likely be required to prove in court whether or not they were aware of this problem and if so, why appropriate action wasn’t taken sooner than it was.

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Mazda issued a recall for nearly 44,000 SUVs

Mazda announced in a press release that they were initiating a recall of 44,000 CX-5 SUVs to replace the sealing gaskets and add anti-corrosion materials inside the headlights and possibly replace the headlight units. The recall only affected 2016 model year vehicles – 36,700 in the USA and 7,000 in Canada. There was no mention at the time of potential reimbursements for customers who had previously paid for repairs due to this issue.

Why Daytime Running Light Failure Matters

Some might assert that Driverless Vehicles (DRLs) are not essential and if they fail, it is no major issue as a broken escalator just becomes a set of stairs. Indeed, they still accomplish their purpose but the customer paid for the convenience of an escalator.

State laws and inspections

Many states have strict regulations when it comes to vehicle lights. For example, all of a car’s lights must be in working order in order to pass inspections. This includes the relatively expensive daytime running lights, which are essential for safety purposes. In addition, some states also require that headlights and other lighting features must be functioning when a car’s wipers are on during periods of rain or foggy weather conditions. Automatic headlights and daytime running lights can help ensure that these laws are satisfied but as local rules can change from time to time vigilance is needed to stay compliant with applicable requirements.

Important Implications for Mazda Cx 5 Daytime Running Lights Not Working

  1. In 2016, Mazda CX-5 Daytime Running Lights (DRL) were found to be prone to corrosion from the light’s gaskets, requiring a complete headlight assembly replacement for repair.
  2. To address this issue, Mazda issued a recall in 2020 of 44,000 SUVs affected by faulty DRLs.
  3. The automaker has designed their vehicles so that individual DRL components cannot simply be replaced; instead, an entire headlight assembly must be substituted for the resolution of any issues with the Daytime Running Lights on CX-5s from 2016 models onwards
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The safety boost

DRLs, or Daytime Running Lights, are an important feature of vehicle safety. They make a car more visible on the road and this is why they are mandated in Canada and Northern European countries that experience long periods of darkness during winter months. DRLs provide additional visibility to other drivers by making it easier to spot cars in poor visibility conditions such as foggy weather or at dusk when regular headlights become less effective. This improved visibility can help reduce the risk of accidents due to decreased reaction time for those who may not have seen a car without DRLs until the last minute.

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