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Why Won’t My Jeep Start But Has Power

Why Won't My Jeep Start But Has Power

If your Jeep has power but won’t start, there are a few possible reasons why. The most common reason is that the battery is dead or too weak to turn over the engine. If this is the case, you’ll need to jump start your Jeep or replace the battery. Other possible reasons why your Jeep won’t start include a faulty starter, fuel pump, or ignition

How To Fix EPC Light On Audi A4

How To Fix EPC Light On Audi A4

Do you have an Audi A4 and the EPC light is on? If so, don’t panic – this is a fairly common issue that can usually be fixed fairly easily. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through what the EPC light on Audi A4, what it means when it’s on, and some simple steps you can take to try to fix it. What is

What Does The Red Lightning Bolt Mean On A Jeep

What Does The Red Lightning Bolt Mean On A Jeep

The electronic throttle control warning sign is a message that pops up on your car’s dashboard to indicate that there is an issue with the electronic throttle control system. This system is responsible for regulating the amount of air that enters the engine, and if there is a problem with it, it can cause your car to lose power or stall. If you see this

How Many Lamborghinis Are There In The World?

How Many Lamborghinis Are There In The World?

As one of the most iconic luxury sports car brands, Lamborghini has been producing beautiful vehicles since it was founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963. It is estimated that more than seventy thousand cars have been produced to date and over thirty thousand are from models no longer in production.  Related reading: Transmission Problems But No Check Engine Light The Huracan and SUV Urus models have

Cupped Tires: What Causes Them & How To Fix Them

Cupped Tires

It is important for car owners to be aware of the importance of proper tire maintenance. Without paying attention to tires, drivers can put themselves at risk due to poor handling and braking. One common issue experienced by many drivers is cupping, which is an irregular wear on certain parts of the tire tread. To help identify if this problem has occurred, keep your eyes

Do Dodge Journeys Have 3rd-Row Seating? What To Know

Do Dodge Journeys Have 3rd-Row Seating

For growing families on a budget, the Dodge Journey is an ideal three-row SUV. With seating for up to eight passengers, this vehicle offers plenty of space and comfortability in addition to being reasonably priced compared to other vehicles with similar features. The used car market also provides a great opportunity for those seeking a quality three-row SUV without breaking their budget. For anyone looking

Do You Need A Front License Plate In Illinois?

Do You Need A Front License Plate In Illinois

In most states in the U.S., citizens are required to have two license plates on their vehicles, but it can be difficult to keep track of the varying rules and regulations from state to state. For those living in Illinois, understanding whether or not a front license plate is needed can be especially confusing. Fortunately, all necessary information on this topic is available right here

What Is A Beater Car?

What Is A Beater Car

Beater cars are a great option for those looking for an inexpensive, older vehicle without investing much at the start. These vehicles may require some maintenance or lack certain amenities like air conditioning, but they will still get you from Point A to Point B without breaking the bank. In most cases, beater cars make good sense if you’re not intending on driving long distances

Engine Revving On Its Own In Park

Engine Revving On Its Own In Park

When a car is idling or in the process of driving and begins to rev without warning, it can be a serious problem that potentially leads to accidents. Understanding why this occurs is important for avoiding crashes. This article will explain seven main causes of cars revving while in park so that drivers can gain insight into the issue and learn how to properly fix

How To Start Jeep Cherokee With Emergency Key

How To Start Jeep Cherokee With Emergency Key

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to start your Jeep Cherokee with an emergency key, there are a few things you need to know. First, if your Jeep has an anti-theft system, you’ll need to disable it before proceeding. Once that’s done, simply insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the “on” position. You should see a green